Trust an Experienced Surgeon to Bring You Relief

Trust an Experienced Surgeon to Bring You Relief

Anterior hip replacement in Palm Coast, FL

Launched by Biomet in 2015, anterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgery that involves an incision in the front of the hip, as opposed to the side or back. Anterior hip replacement is quickly becoming a popular choice in the medical field because it offers:

  • Less damage to the muscles
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Better range of movement
  • Faster recovery

Anterior hip replacement gives doctors a more direct approach, minimizing muscle and tendon trauma so you spend less time in the hospital.
Ronald Bathaw MD is one of only three orthopedic surgeons in Florida chosen to perform this type of surgery. When you need hip replacement surgery, trust Ronald Bathaw MD in Palm Coast for the procedure.

Get back on your feet in no time

Ronald Bathaw MD is focused on providing superior care so you feel better than your old self as quickly as possible. Our surgeon utilizes years of experience to oversee your procedure and your recovery. In addition to anterior hip replacement, you can also choose Ronald Bathaw MD for knee replacement surgery.

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